The Heroes and Heroines

Mike Hall

Mike Hall, a seasoned professional who has the unofficial world record for cycling around the world, a 18,000-mile ride, almost 200 miles a day. Newborns Vietnam was Mike’s charity for his round the world ride. His fame has spread – a Da Nang journalist just managed an interview at the airport

Mike Hall said cycling Vietnam “was far tougher than any of us imagined. For me it was not the distance or the climbs but the heat that made the ride such a challenge. It was an amazing experience and what it lacked in distance was made up for in sweat and a whole bunch of new friends.”

As part of the training for the ‘Tour Divide’ ride from Banff to New Mexico, Mike cycled the entire 1,500 k with only one gear.

Vicki Coe & Dan Fox

“I just wanted to say thank you so so much for everything you have done, the trip was the most amazing experience ever, and I shed a tear last night as I am so sad it is over!!!! Can you please thank Michael from me and Dan too as he did an incredible job too. Both of you are very inspirational people.”

Vicki true heroine and worthy winner of rider of the day as was Pippa to quote the team ‘ they made the ride of a lifetime and took their cycling to new heights’.

Deniz Erkan

“It was a wonderful trip. Many thanks again for giving us the opportunity of a lifetime.”

Deniz is the owner of Hadron Cycles, he rode the 1,500 kilometers with his good friend Al Hadron’s marketing manager on glorious red Eastway CX 2.0s that the Eastway donated. If you would like to own these bikes that have proved their durability and returned unscathed – bid now on eBay and at a very low starting price, all proceeds to Newborns Vietnam.

Al Patrick

I’d just like to say thank you for the making such an wonderful life experience possible. It will go down as one of those trips that I will never forget and will forever be referring too. Riding every day saw my confidence and strength grow and knowing that the Hi Van pass descent was the last proper descent I would do for some time, particularly with such beautiful views I knew it was time to enjoy it and go for it.”

Henry Daw

An astounding trouper who never gave up and of all the riders suffered the most from the heat. Henry was the first to cross the finish line and it was a very emotional moment!

Pippa Mildon

“What can I say, the thought and planning that went into our smooth transition from day to day is remarkable. The achievement still hasn’t really sunken in, and I have just finished tapping up my daily account of the good the bad and the ugly for all my wonderful sponsors. I cannot believe that I have raised over £8,000. Even though some days were brutal, at no point did I think “I want to go home”. I was telling some stories about the heat the other day and one guy sponsored me after that, said it was the least he could do! My colleagues don’t give a monkeys that I ended up on the bus for the last climb of the first day, or only made it a portion up the climb on what is now deemed as “ferry day” – ferry day being etched in the memory of each and every rider I am sure. I made it up the Hai Van pass with what felt like the whole team singing to me. Missing everyone!”

Doug Stuart

“My nieces and nephews said ‘go Uncle Dougy go” I did just that an amazing challenge, beautiful country and such a great cause. The final day was my birthday and I have never celebrated in such style – the welcome at the hospital, the presentation and then a truly wonderful beach BBQ an amazing donation from the Hyatt Regency. 23 friends and many more supporters to sing Happy Birthday as the sun set over the bay, I will be back for the 2015 ride.”

Katie Willett

“I’m just about coming back down to earth so wanted to say a huge thank you to the whole team. I had the most incredible two weeks in so many ways. It was both one of the most exciting, challenging, beautiful and rewarding holidays I’ve ever had and to be part of something so fantastic was an amazing.

I got everything I could have wanted from the experience and now have a lot of new friends too. I plan to keep supporting however I can.”

Gary Symons

“Thanks to you all for making the trip so enjoyable, wish I was back there now.”

Adel Tyson-Bloor

“I cannot tell you what a fantastic time I had out in Vietnam. The work you are doing out there is amazing and to be able to ride right up to the hospital and get a look around at what the funds are being raised for finished the trip off perfectly. I know there were a few tears being held back by the majority of us.

The whole 2 weeks was spot on from start to finish, the support crew were incredible. What a superb country, everyone is accommodating, friendly and welcoming and breathtakingly beautiful. I loved every part of my 2 weeks and feel totally privileged to have been a part of it.”

Joe Huddleston

“I had a fabulous time cycling in Vietnam and if I could take only one thing away from the trip it would be how content the Vietnamese appear with so little (from a Western perspective of material possessions and ownership)

The whole trip was a very moving experience so thank you for all the support and tireless planning.”

Adam Hunneyball

“The best cycling adventure of my life. Amazing training in equally incredible landscapes, with a group of riders that gelled instantly.”

Mark Payne

“If it wasn’t for this trip I wouldn’t be sitting at home pining for a new adventure and desperate to maintain links with the 25 or so new friends I made in Vietnam. We all have confidence that your hard work will result in a successful result at the Vietnamese end and we were pleased to play a small part in making your good work come to fruition.

On a personal level I can honestly say that I’ve never tried harder at anything in my life and I’ve never felt as fulfilled as a result. I’m counting the seconds down until I can get back on my bike and I’m deep in search of the next competitive challenge. This trip was truly life altering. I’ve never found normal life so dull! I’ll keep newborns Vietnam in mind for my next fundraising escapade anyway!

Thanks again for an incredible opportunity.”

Pete Austin

“Thank you, Luke and the rest of the team for giving us an experience of a life time. The organisation was superb and the support team could not have done more for us.
I am determined to get fitter and make it up all the climbs.”

Richard Evans

The whole team had bonded, no one was ever left on there own, always riding in a group, everyone encouraging each other, helping you through the hard climbs, great humour and most people had succumb to a nick name or been the source of laughter at some stage, everyone was ace. Ironically what Luke had talked about all those months ago was correct. Despite all the pain and hard work, it has given me only fantastic memories, met amazing people and experienced a beautiful part of the world. Luke, thanks for convincing me to go.

Todd Gilmore

“Riding up front with the Hares was a lot of fun. The experience, fitness gained, friendships established and overall experience is all a part of something to be cherished forever. I hope I can stay fit and continue to assist with worthy causes coupled to personal challenges.”

Duncan Lloyd

“Fantastic challenge! Wonderful team support, great ride and proud to be part of our company’s commitment to improving health and education in Vietnam.”

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