The Finale! Arriving at the Da Nang Hospital for Women & Children

The final day laid a few demons as every cyclist made it to the top of the Hai Van pass – stunning views and great jubilation. Then a glorious descent with ocean views into Da Nang across the Thuan Phuoc bridge.

Escorted by the local police force and joined by the Da Nang cycling club they rode into Da Nang like royalty. The police created road blocks stopping all the traffic as the cyclists raced through Da Nang.

The cyclists made a triumphant entrance to Da Nang Hospital for Women & Children and streamed across the finish line to a huge welcome led by Mr Phung Tan Viet, Vice Chairman, Da Nang People’s Committee, the British Ambassador, Dr Antony Stokes and Mr Phil MacLaurin, Business Unit Manager, Premier Oil and hundreds of cheering staff and supporters.

Student nurses in red and yellow ao dais, the Vietnamese national dress, relieved the tired but happy cyclists of their bicycles and offered iced water. The TV cameras rolled and dragons danced as they led the VIPs and cyclists to the formal welcome to Da Nang City and the Appreciation presentation.

The celebration was very emotional and the British Ambassador praised the huge achievement of the cyclists and invited a well-deserved standing ovation. He spoke of the importance of neonatal nurse training in reducing newborn deaths and the benefits of this UK/Vietnam partnership for Vietnam. The highlight was the presentation to the cyclists from the nurses, a very emotional moment and more than a few tears.

This was followed by a tour of the neonatal unit for sponsors and cyclists and huge sense of personal achievement.

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