A Night to Relax

From the formal presentation to the Hyatt Regency Danang Resort and Spa a luxury hotel in Danang located on Vietnam’s picturesque central coast. Situated on an immaculate stretch of white-sand beach, the resort offers an idyllic oceanfront setting, with sweeping views of the East Sea. This was the setting for the cyclist’s final night in Vietnam.

The Hyatt’s Executive Chef joined the cyclists for the last four days and inspired support and sponsorship from Hyatt colleagues around the world, local suppliers and all his team. There were huge cheers as he came into view and a garland of flowers for a true hero.

As the days went on and temperatures rose ever higher the cyclists were dreaming of the cool ocean and chips. The hotel opened its arms to our exhausted cyclists and gave them the most wonderful poolside BBQ. The beauty of their surroundings and the cool of the ocean soothed their aching muscles and the wonderful food was a dream come true. The British Ambassador, City, Health & Hospital officials, joined our cyclists and the wonderful sponsors and the tales were told and some cool beers were greatly enjoyed.

It was Doug’s birthday which gave an extra dimension to the singing on the coach back to Hoi An their final stop.

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