Riders 2015


It’s difficult to articulate my feelings about our adventure without repeating what’s already been said or being clichéd, but here’s my 3,000,000 dongs worth; I feel enormously grateful to have been a part of it, grateful that my fears about you all being a bunch of twats were unfounded, grateful to Suzanna and Luke for having the idea in the first place, grateful that my legs didn’t let my legs didn’t let me down, grateful for the discovery of apple and rice wine, grateful to Barbara for our HCMC detour, grateful to have had Long and the team looking after us, but most of all grateful to all of you for your kindness and company on and off the bike… until next time…. Xx



We helped pack the last of the bikes this morning and just seen Amy off on her trip to Oz. Barbara, Sam, Gary and Duncan about to walk to The Red Bridge restaurant for a final lunch. We’ve all been looking at the mountains of the Central Highlands towards Kam Duc wishing we could carry on riding south.



This is my third tour and I can tell you this; it changes a man. I hope I said it to all but if not, I had an absolutely terrific time riding in your company. Thank you. Here’s to new friends and life-long memories and Newborns Vietnam.

Two glorious weeks of cycling, fantastic organisation, amazing support team, great cause, I’ll be back.



Words cannot describe the scene that was in front of us when we turned into the hospital – people everywhere and what’s more a red carpet path fit for cycling up, flanked on either side by nurses all waving and cheering. How is it possible to smile, cry and laugh at the same time – I don’t know but it was all going on in my head at once I was just so flabbergasted, relieved, elated, and also slightly sad that our journey had come to an end. I was so very proud to have done the full monty and done my sponsors proud. Even when I handed my bike to one of the lovely support ladies I was just in a world of my own with tears streaming down my face.



Just wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone again for such an awesome trip – still waiting for most of it to sink in, but had an incredible time and couldn’t wish for a better group to go ride with.



Cycling to save beautiful tiny babies’ live is such a wonderful and meaningful event. All cyclists of

2015 CAD rode very hard and finished their 12 riding days on November 28th. I believe that all the cyclists have enjoyed a great adventure here and their memories will last their lifetime.



We did it. Great work everyone! Loved the good the bad and the rain, incredible finish at the hospital. I’ll be back.



Incredible four days, tough but great team work, amazing event and the ride into the hospital was something else.

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