The “Pelican & Fish Team” takes the challenge – Cycle-a-Difference Asian Business Ride

The “Pelican & Fish Team” is cycling 440 km in 3 days to help the next newborns in Vietnam survive.

“Team P&F”, comprising James Collis, himself an infant survivor, and his father, Digby Collis, is taking part in the Newborns Vietnam Cycle-a-Difference – Asian Business Challenge Ride in March 2014 to give every baby the chance of life.

Changing the life chances of newborns is not only inspirational – it should be a fundamental right that every baby, no matter where in the world they are born, receives the best possible care. We can all play a role in ensuring that every child lives to celebrate his or her first birthday.

Pelican & Fish Associates, an interior design consultancy business, has been present in Vietnam for the past six years, and when we heard about the Cycle-a-Difference initiative, we were inspired to do something for the community in which we operate, by taking part in the upcoming ride.

Thank you for supporting the “Team P&F” ride, and for playing a vital role in changing the life chances of newborns in Vietnam – you can support the team by donating at

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