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The Bike Shop has built a very special Aluboo bicycle for Luke the ride captain for the Cycle a Difference Asian Business Challenge event. He is the Newborns Vietnam trustee responsible for the charity’s fundraising cycling events and is based in the UK. He led the epic ride in Vietnam in May 2013. James, David and the team at the Bike Shop have designed a custom built Aluboo bamboo bicycle for Luke to ride in the three day CAD AB ride.

Would you be surprised if we told you bamboo is stronger by weight than steel? Well, it is. But the coolest part is that bamboo is flexible: it dampens road vibrations excellently, making your Aluboo one of the smoothest-riding bikes around.

Think of the bamboo in an Aluboo frame like a great fly-fishing rod (which usually happen to be made of bamboo). If you have a fish on the line, the rod will bend and absorb the full force of that fish fighting. But once the fish is off the line, the rod is right back to its original shape. An Aluboo frame handles rough roads the same way–it flexs and absorbs, and then pops right back into shape!

This is not to say our frames are ‘soft’–they have a stiffness comparable to Titanium. That means great power transfer for all those hilly climbs!
In addition, the Aluboo has an amazing proprietary slider and dropout system allowing the same frame to be set up as road, cross, commuter, touring, single speed or fixie bike. The frame also allows for the choice between a chain or a gates carbon drive belt. That’s why Aluboo bikes are referred to as the Swiss Army Bike! Amazing ride quality and versatility at an affordable price!

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