Ride Captain’s Account – Magical Cycling

I am not going to tell you much about the day-to-day stages, 855 miles, 13,342 elevation gain, maximum heat 56 degrees and average temperature 32 degrees C. The thing I want to tell you about is how magical cycling in Vietnam was and how many riders have emailed or messaged me to say how the trip has changed their life for the better. Watching riders grow as people, taking on new challenges every day – dealing with power cuts, incredible heat, and ever-changing conditions – was a very moving experience.

Riding highlights for me included the long winding climbs, and more 10 per cent gradient signs than you would believe possible. (I’m sure they do not measure the incline, or they only have just one sign). Dodging the rice drying on the road and buffalo in its centre (and generally all over the place) also left an impression. The people who shout hello at you, the children who run to the roadside to cheer you through, how people who, by our standards, have so little, but who seem to be happier than we are with their lot in life. The food was both delightful and challenging in equal measure. The team of drivers and guides who supported us were incredible.

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