Ride Captain’s Account – Conclusion

I am missing Vietnamese coffee, my 21 new best friends, and the smiles on people’s faces, I miss riding my bike through the most beautiful scenery day in, day out, and having new experiences every day. I miss watching people learn about themselves.

I am not missing 5am starts (although jet lag is playing a few cruel tricks on me), fixing bikes until 11pm, or the bruises from my saddle.
In 2015, we do it all again: this time with a knowledge and appreciation of what’s waiting for us. The ‘pioneers’ have all concurred: this is a challenge they want to return to. A slightly modified route is being worked upon as new roads will have opened by the time we return.
I want to thank everyone who took part as well as all those who helped riders with their fundraising, the sponsors who support the network in Vietnam, my mother who worked tirelessly to make this the resounding success it has been. And finally, I’d like to thank Mike Hall, the adventure cyclist I have always respected and cheered for, and who I am now am happy to call my friend, Mike has been with me from the beginning, giving his support, and without him the ride would not have been possible.

What next for Cycle A Difference? There is already talk of2014 challenges, like four Belgian Classics in five days, and grand sportives. Watch this space, and who knows what you could find yourself doing, join us in Vietnam in 2015.

Make a Difference