Raising your Ride Sponsorship

We will help you achieve your Cycle a Difference ride sponsorship target. When you sign up for the ride we’ll provide you with a fund raising pack, but here are some ideas! You can email us for more information at info@cycle-a-difference.com

JustGiving Page No Lunch on Wednesdays
Home Collection Box Static Bike Fundraising
Baking a Difference Quiz Nights


JustGiving Page

Make your own JustGiving page linked to the Newborns Vietnam JustGiving website – like the Cyclothon fundraising page at http://www.justgiving.com/newbornsvietnam-team – or better!
This is a great way to help you manage your personal fundraising for Cycle-a-Difference, to share what you are doing and to send your own message to potential supporters.
It doesn’t cost you anything, and it allows people to donate online and by text and you can add any off line donations so they count towards your total. It shows you at a glance how much you have raised, it has lots of management functions, for example managing the gift aid and automatically thanking donors, and it links to twitter and facebook.
We will provide you with as much help as you want to personalize your page. We can provide you with our logos and pictures, or if ‘IT’ really isn’t your scene – we’ll build the page for you! Just let us know what you want by emailing us at info@cycle-a-difference.com

Home Collection Box

Make a simple and eye-catching home collection box. It’s very easy to make out of a Pringles box with a paper cover, which we provide, which gives information about the Cycle a Difference ride and Newborns Vietnam, and which we can personalise with your name.
Use it to put all your small change in – make them for colleagues, friends and family and ask them to do the same!

Put one on your desk at work! Ask your local cycle shop to put one on their counter! Invite all your spare change box supporters to a fun a grand counting fun night! Invite your local bank’s business manager to do the count! Tell the local press!

Click here to download instructions on how to make the collection box.
Click here to download an example design.
Click here to download an example of a personalised design. Email us at info@cycle-a-difference.com and let us know your name and any other details you want on your box, and we will make a personalised design for you!

If you have the opportunity to place spare change pots in your local cycle shop or other public venues, you may prefer to use our plastic collection pots with a a personalised label. Please contact us at info@cycle-a-difference.com to arrange delivery.

No Lunch on Wednesdays

This is a very simple idea to help you raise your sponsorship. The average person spends around £5 per a day on lunch and coffees.

If you make your own lunch and go without the coffees every Wednesday for six months you would raise £130.

If 10 friends or colleagues join you in No Lunch on Wednesday you could raise £1,300! If 20 colleagues and friends join you could raise £2,600 of your £3000 sponsorship. This is such a simple idea share it with your family, if your sister, mother, aunts did their own No Lunch on a Wednesday then the skys the limit. Click here to download your Lunch a Difference donation record form, which you could also use as a poster in your office kitchen to keep track of your progress.

Lunch a difference to support the Cycle a Difference Vietnam challenge ride.

Static Bike Fundraising

A good way to raise funds is to set up a static bike challenge – here are two great ideas. A lunch time challenge – the 85 Minute Work Place Challenge – cycling as far as possible in 85 minutes. Break sweat and push your boundaries this will be a small taster of the 85-mile a day Cycle a Difference 2015 ride, a challenge of strength, determination and stamina to complete 850 miles over 10 days.
Set up a non-stop 24 hours ride on a static cycle trainer ride with your local bike shop. As an added twist try the Al & Deniz 24 hour turbo ride, the bike has a dynamo fitted that is connected to the cycle shop’s sign that charges its lights once you start you can not let the light go out for 24 hours! To download the Al & Deniz Hadron Cycles 24 Hour turbo poster click here, and check out their youtube video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQEwlWigh2E.
Static cycle rides are a good way to draw attention to your cycling Vietnam challenge and to raise funds while getting fitter. Email us for help with posters and other publicity at info@newbornsvietnam.org

Bake a Difference

Bake and sell cupcakes – all you need is flour, sugar and eggs, sell your creations at work, host a tea party or bake for friends to fill their freezers.
Organise a cupcake challenge competition invite a local chef to be the judge!
Make cupcakes for sale at guides, brownies, school and a host of other events.
Or try your hand at a Gingerbread House – these make great raffle prizes to add to your cake sale proceeds.
Ask all your friends to bake and sell!
For recipes and ideas email us at info@cycle-a-difference.com

Quiz Nights

A quiz night is a great way to have fun in a social atmosphere, join forces with your local pub, wine bar, or hold your own event at your local community centre. A themed night adds to the attraction, a Vietnamese meal to create the ambiance and don’t forget the cycling questions! A raffle adds to the fun and the funds, bake the famous Cycle a Difference Gingerbread House – email us at info@cycle-a-difference for the recipe and instructions. Download the Ride Captain’s Big Quiz night poster by clicking here – and let us know if you need help with your own flyers or posters!

Make a Difference