Newborns Vietnam Isla Climbing Challenge


There was a fantastic turnout of around 120 for the Newborns Vietnam Isla Climbing Challenge in Hanoi on Saturday. The cyclists gave everything, pushing themselves up Giong Mountain up to 8 times in 2 hours!

Many of Hanoi’s cycling clubs were represented, including Tayho Cycling Team, T2 Cycling Open, Dong Tru Cycling, Ho Tay Green Club, Cat Viet Thai, Hanoi Cyclists and more.

The Hanoi and HCMC climbing challenges have raised over $11,200. This funding will support the Newborns Vietnam neonatal training programme for junior doctors at the Vietnam National Children’s Hospital, Hanoi.

Special thanks to all the riders and volunteers who came out in support of Newborns Vietnam and to David Lloyd for organising a brilliant event.


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