Mike Hall – Round the World Race – Week 4

At the end of Week 4, Mike Hall has cycled over 6,000km, just ridden across India and is now cleaning and packing up his bike to fly into Australia for the next leg of his World Cycle Race. His stories of India will have to wait, but here in his own words are his adventures in Turkey:

“Fortunately I was at port so the clock stopped meaning I could sleep in (til 8:30 Wooo!) enjoy a long breakfast and get the ferry then to Asia and the Turkish mainland. In the ‘not-plan’ then was a 200 mile day followed by a 250 mile ‘ride til you get there’ haul to Ankara bit I was feeling well beaten up by then and as temps at Ankara were reported as -10 and I was under-gloved with my fingers regularly going numb I knew this wasn’t realistic. The half day after the ferry gave me 100 miles with 350 left to do. I got to Eskisehir after 180 miles having met some real nice guys in Bilicek (sp?) Tunc and Edis who invited me to eat with them and very generously bought my meal including to most calorific desert I have ever consumed – awesome, even if it did make me rather drowsy! The last bit to Ankara was a grind in grim weather and me and the bike were head to to in brown sludge. The route through the city was mental, so much traffic and none of it stopping for anything, it was a real test for someone on their last legs but somehow I just muddled my way through, they must gave thought I was nuts. Got to Esenboga at 8pm and retired to hotel to cover the room in mud and destroy the buffet bar. Slept in, went airport to get supplies and book flight, got bike washed, packed up, just time for massage in hotel Turkish bath (YES!!!) then back to the airport to fly here.”

Follow his progress at http://trackleaders.com/worldcyclerace

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