Mike Hall – Round the World Race – On The Starting Line – 18th February (Click this title for full story)

And they are off! At 9.00 am on Saturday 18th February in Greenwich Park, London, nine contenders set out to break the round record for the fastest cycle circumnavigation of the earth.

They are riding on their own, without back-up teams or on the road support, and must cycle at least 18,000 miles in one direction, passing through two antipodal points (opposite points on the planet) along the way.
There is no set route, each rider is meeting the criteria for the world record attempt via different routes, making it a tactical and strategic battle.

Mike is determined to try and break the world record and to raise funds for Cycle a Difference to support Newborns Vietnam.

You can make a donation to him, by text or internet, by visiting http://www.justgiving.com/normallyaspiratedhuman

You can track the race and Mike’s progress at http://trackleaders.com/worldcyclerace

Photo courtesy of Dan Wedgwood / The Adventurists. The Adventurists are sponsoring the Live Tracking of the race.

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