London to Istanbul!

Quick Energy Transcontinental London to Istanbul -2,000 miles

Mike is race director and his fellow Vietnam Cycle a Difference rider Richard Dunnett and a hero of ferry day is competing –

Following his epic ride in Vietnam, Richard is continuing his support for Newborns Vietnam and our work to reduce newborn deaths in Vietnam and south east Asia.

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Richard was third into Muur van Geraardsbergen the first check point, go Richard go!

At 8am, August 3, Richard and 39 riders from 17 countries set off to be the first to reach Istanbul after traversing the whole of the European continent. Follow the race at

The Transcontinental is 2,000 miles, but there’s no exact race distance because there’s no exact race course. Riders will set their own route with just four mandatory points: the start in London, the finish in Istanbul and two intermediate checkpoints, the Muur van Geraardsbergen in Flanders the top of the Stelvio Pass in the Italian Alps.

The brains behind the race is Mike Hall, endurance racer and winner of last year’s round World Cycle Race. He’s supported by QuickEnergy and event promoters The Adventurists.

“We all believe in the need for a seat-of-the-pants race with no hand-holding,” said Mr Hall.

“Together we can deliver something beautifully hard at the pointy end and an unconstrained adventure at the other end yet with the right level of organisation and coverage where it counts.”

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