Mekong Capital takes the challenge: Cycle-a-Difference Asian Business Ride

Mekong Capital is committed to being influential in our community and taking responsibility for the community we live in. We consider ourselves “Future Changers.” We have set a priority to focus our efforts on enabling disadvantaged children to have access to a better future.

Newborns Vietnam is group demonstrating that training nurses in Vietnam directly results in improved neonatal care. Newborns Vietnam is a community leader in ensuring that every newborn has an equal chance of life by receiving the best possible care after birth. Since most of us at Mekong are parents, we have a deep connection to the mission of Newborns Vietnam.

The Mekong Capital team, led by Chad Ovel, will participate in Newborns Vietnam’s Business Challenge Ride in March 2014. Over three days, the team will bicycle 440km and climb nearly 4000m to show our commitment to this cause and inspire others to share a small part of their financial resources with this very important cause.

Thank you for supporting Newborns Vietnam with your donation. You can support by donating at:

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