Ironman Newborn Heroes 1

The Ironman Incubators 

The Ironman team organised the Professional Athletes, to visit the neonatal unit at the Da Nang Hospital for Women & Children.

Following a presentation from the Director of the Hospital and a tour of the newborn intensive care unit. Andrew Messick, global CEO of Ironman and Fred Uytengsu, President of Sunrise (the Ironman event company) expressed how moved they were by the dedication of the doctors and nurses and how much they were achieving with so little equipment and without any incubators. They were delighted to make a donation for Newborns Vietnam to buy 2 incubators.

This incredibly generous donation will help move newborn care to another level.

A closed incubator provides the optimal growing environment for premature and critically ill babies, balancing the right amount of heat and humidity, and in some cases oxygen. The incubator’s goal is to mimic, as much as possible, the environmental conditions that baby enjoyed in the mother’s womb.

Neonates and critically ill babies are unable to regulate their temperature and are highly susceptible to changes in external temperature and infection, a closed incubator allows babies to develop or be given lifesaving treatment in a controlled safe environment.

Thanks to the huge generosity of Andrew and Fred two incubators have now been purchased and are saving newborn lives, and we look forward to showing them to Fred and Andrew when they return for IRONMAN 70.3 Danang 2016.

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