Fundraising Idea – Collection Box

Collect a Difference

Make this simple and eye-catching collection box. It’s very easy to make out of a Pringles box and gives information about the Cycle a Difference ride and Newborns Vietnam, and we can personalise it with your name.

Use it to put all your small change in – make them for colleagues, friends and family and ask them to do the same!

Put one on your desk at work! Ask your local cycle shop to put one on their counter! Invite all your spare change box supporters to a fun a grand counting fun night! Invite your local bank’s business manager to do the count! Tell the local press!

Click here to download instructions on how to make the collection box.

Click here to download the standard design for the box.

Click here to download an example of a personalised design. Email us at and let us know your name and any other details you want on your box, and we will make a personalised design for you!

You will need to take your spare change to your local big supermarket and put in their change machine to convert to funds that can be used to make a donation on line via Just Giving or at the bank.

Make a Difference