Everesting Ba Vi (old)

British Cyclist David Lloyd – Takes The Ultimate Cycling Challenge!

Everesting for Newborns – Ba Vi Mountain, near Hanoi – 13th December 2014

David Lloyd is embarking on the toughest and most extreme of cycling challenges, “Everesting”. The ultimate test of climbing for mountaineers is summiting Everest, the highest mountain in the world. For cyclists it is cycling the height of Mount Everest, 8,848 metres in one continuous cycling effort.

Giles Lever, British Ambassador to Vietnam, will cycle with David on one ascent. To download the press release – click here.

“Everesting” is a first for Vietnam and the peak to be conquered is Ba Vi Mountain in the national park west of Hanoi. David will have to cycle up and down 9 times. Ba Vi doesn’t offer many views, which adds to the toughness; it is a 12 km tunnel of trees on a punishing gradient.

This incredibly challenging ride is raising funds for Newborns Vietnam’s work to improve the survival rates of newborn infants in Vietnam.

The stats are mind-boggling. To try and put David’s challenge into some kind of context, it’s 9 times up Alpe D’huez, 6 times up Mont Ventoux or 5 times up the Stelvio… It’s the equivalent climbing of a double Maratona dles Dolomites – arguably the toughest sportive in the world. The steepest and toughest climb in the UK, the 33% Hardknott Pass would need to be scaled 30 times. If you fancied Everesting the sportive Mecca of Box Hill you would have to climb it 69 times.

David Knight, a Hanoi cyclist who trains with David said:
“Having climbed more than a few of the most famous climbs in France I can say with conviction that David has picked some of the hardest ascent metres I have yet encountered. I could not believe we only had 1,000 metres yesterday as if felt more like 2,000+ on most of the big cols in France. Mount Ventoux has nothing on Ba Vi! It is more like some nasty back road ‘route de forestiere’.”

The Australian, George Mallory became the first person to successfully ‘Everest’ a climb (Mount Donna Buang, Victoria) in 1994. Mallory was the grandson of the famous British mountaineer of the same name, who many believe was the first to reach the summit of Mount Everest in 1924.
For training George had the idea of ‘doing Everest’ in Melbourne by climbing Donna Buang 8 times in one day on his bike, (that would mean 8,800m of vertical height) roughly the same as Everest. After a year’s worth of attempts, he eventually managed 10 laps in a day!

Despite the increasing popularity of “Everesting” attempts around the world, it will remain outside the reach of most mere mortals. A team of local cyclists will ride with David, each making an ascent and descent as the day wears on and David fades. As the fatigue and pain kick in and with everything hurting, their solid support will lift his spirits.
An “Everesting” Victory will be a first for Vietnam and a place in “Everesting’ history and the Hall of Fame. Forever after, in cycling circles, David will “own” Mount Ba Vi.

About David Lloyd
David is a British photographer and writer who has been based in Hanoi for three years. He took up road cycling in Hanoi and soon started climbing Ba Vi regularly. Although he’s undertaken some massive challenges before, including running the 47 peak Paddy Buckley Round in Wales, he says this is the most intimidating thing he’s ever undertaken:
“Ba Vi is an extremely tough mountain and I know that after just 2 or 3 of the 9 ascents it is going to hurt a great deal. However, Newborns Vietnam is a fantastic cause and this is also an opportunity to complete Vietnam’s first Everesting on one of it’s most challenging climbs. Hopefully those facts will be enough to motivate a successful attempt.”

Support David’s Challenge
David’s “Everesting” is supporting Newborns Vietnam’s British nursing and medical education partnership in central Vietnam providing specialist training for nurses anddoctors and lifesaving equipment.
Please support David’s epic nine 8,848 metres of climbing and make a donation for one or more ascents at https://www.justgiving.com/DavidWLloyd
David is joined by a team of support riders, Linh Dinh, Klavs Nielsen, Richard Leech, Claudio Dordi, Mark Prykaza, Matt Larkin and Guim Valls Teruel each of them will do at least one ascent and descent. You can support a member of the team by donating at https://www.justgiving.com/teams/EverestingBaVi

Join Us on the 13th at Base Camp
Supporters and sponsors are welcome at the Ba Vi base camp to cheer and inspire David when the going gets really tough! Bring flapjack and cake and help keep the carbs rolling. He’ll be climbing from around 4am and probably won’t be finished until at least 6pm. The start point is at the base of the hill, you will an old couple who sell coffee and bicycles and lyrca – for site map click here.

Cycle a Difference Rides
Cycle a Difference rides are all about ordinary people doing quite extraordinary challenges to make a difference to the life chances of thousands of newborns in Viet Nam. They take on big challenges, the round the world race, Tour Divide, Transamerica, Mount Ventoux and our bi annual 1,500 km ride across Vietnam.

Newborns Vietnam would to thank Nick Gregory, Events Coordinator at Cyclosport for the use of some of his copy about ‘Everesting.’ http://www.cyclosport.org

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