Draeger Equipment Donation

The Draeger team in Vietnam has supported the development of the Da Nang NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) from the first design drawings to its opening in May 2011. The Draeger Medical ASEAN North general manager was impressed by the efforts of determined volunteers to advance neonatal care in central Vietnam and with the doctors’ and nurses’ dedication and hunger for knowledge and the improvements they were making with limited resources. Following a two-year involvement in the NICU project, the Draeger family made a wonderfully generous donation of two Babylog 8000 plus neonatal ventilators with high frequency oscillators.

The donation took place on the occasion of Da Nang Women’s & Children’s Hospital’s first Baby Day, an event to raise awareness of neonatal mortality and celebrate the opening of the new facility and the work of the NICU.

The presentation was an emotional moment for Mr Andreas Harbauer, Draeger Medical ASEAN North general manager. He said “I am very proud of our relationship with this project and that we are able to make a vital contribution to your efforts to reduce the number of newborn deaths. Mrs Draeger has taken a personal interest in this project and is delighted to see what has been achieved from the partnerships you have forged around the world. We will continue to support you as you work towards developed world standards of newborn care.”

Mr Conrad Cappell the German Consul General, the hospital’s Baby Day guest of honour, was delighted to see strong support from German companies for this critically important work to reduce neonatal morality.

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