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Morvélo Bicycle Apparel supports Cycle a Difference
– Around the world 10,000 babies die each day

Oli Pepper of Morvélo Bicycle Apparel has created a one-off original design that has really captured the ‘spirit of the newborn’ and the ‘challenge for survival’. In Oli’s own words “We were shocked to find out that so many babies around the world die every hour, particularly in Asia. As fathers of young children ourselves this really struck home and we were delighted that Morvélo Bicycle Apparel was asked to help make Cycle a Difference a success”.

“For the t-shirt, we wanted to create a simple graphical icon that was instantly identifiable. The first inspiration was from the butterfly of the Newborns Vietnam logo that we wanted to alter so it reflected the nature of the cycling challenge. The wheels form the shape of the butterfly but also represent the coming together of cyclists to show their support for the cause. Mark Cavendish shows the world what can be done with dedication, strength and knowledge, which are the same qualities that will make Cycle a Difference a success, so we thought it fitting to include a representation of his World Championship achievement.”

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The NRE Group
Manufacture of the t-shirts has been sponsored by the NRE Group – a dynamic and innovative contracting company with wide-ranging competences within the real estate business in Scandinavia and Asia. NRE carries out construction and property development for various business.

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