Cycle a Difference Asian Business Challenge Ride 2014 – Title Sponsor

Premier Oil is delighted to maintain its support for Newborns Vietnam by continuing as Title Sponsor for the 2014 Cycle a Difference, Asian Business Challenge Ride.

Newborns Vietnam is committed to improving newborn and maternal care in Vietnam by providing specialised training to neonatal nurses that will reduce the prevalence of life threatening or life limiting outcomes and improve survival rates in neonatal intensive care units. This inspirational UK/Vietnam partnership is improving newborn nursing care by delivering Vietnam’s first specialist neonatal nurse training programme.

As Title Sponsor of Cycle a Difference 2013, Premier saw how the strength, performance and commitment of cyclists and sponsors can change the life chances of thousands of newborns in Vietnam. Its support enabled some incredible young men and women, including two cyclists from Premier, to raise over £138k for neonatal nurse education in Vietnam.

Premier is therefore proud to sponsor and participate in the 2014 Cycle a Difference, Asian Business Challenge Ride, a 3 day, 440 kilometre cycling challenge. This will raise the funds for Newborns Vietnam to not only continue neonatal training but also lay the foundations to expand into a national programme across Vietnam.

Premier Oil is a UK headquartered independent international oil and gas exploration and production company. In Vietnam Premier operates the Chim Sáo oilfield and is developing the Dua oilfield. Premier’s social investments contribute to the sustainable development goals of Vietnam with a focus on child development, enhanced health care for newborns, provision of schools and kindergartens and delivery of health and educational development classes. Premier’s vision is that investment in each individual child will improve its life, the lives of its immediate family, its community and ultimately society globally.


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