Central Highlands Loop

The ride starts and finishes in Da Nang as the City is easily accessible from Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and for teams traveling from the region.

The scenery is stunning with two days on the Ho Chi Minh Road as it hugs the Lao boarder and meanders upwards to A Luoi, and the finale from Hue to Da Nang, the beauty of the beach road and then climbing the Hai Van Pass 500 m over 10 kilometers (can you check on our chart) with breathtaking views at the summit and one of the most scenic descents in Vietnam.

The Ho Chi Minh Trail is one of the most renowned legends of the American War. The complicated road system winds along the Truong Son Range, which facilitated the movement of supplies from North Vietnam to South Vietnam. Today this historic trail meanders across the new Ho Chi Minh Road (East & West). The route is incredibly beautiful with new mountain views around every corner, very little traffic, and virtually no tourists.

There are some wonderful mountain rides throughout south east Asia but the section of the Ho Chi Minh Road from Thanh My to Dong Ha is beautiful, bathed in history, legend & intrigue. A Luoi was the site of the battle of ‘Hamburger Hill’ (Ap Bia Mountain) in May 1969, an impressive new concrete suspension bridge now stands in place of the original bridge made so famous during the American War.

The Ride Day by Day

Day one is ‘King of the Mountains with some testing climbs from Thanh My to A Luoi a chance to test your legs and stamina. Day 2 is a steep climb and then a fast and furious descent on the Ho Chi Minh Road with stunning views along the river valley into Dong Ha with early finish and the transfer to Hue. The finale is winding along the beach road from Hue to Lang Co and then an ascent of the Hai Van pass and a triumphant entry to Da Nang and a warm welcome at the Da Nang Hospital for Women & Children.

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