Is the Asian Business Ride the challenge for my company? Will our company or team be able to raise the Sponsorship?
When will the ride take place? What’s included in the sponsorship cost?
How many companies or teams can take part? Can I extend my trip or bring my family?
What bicycle do I need? What is the food like?
What do I need to pack? Energy products?
What will happen to my luggage while I am riding? What type of accommodation will I be staying in?
How fit do I need to be? Is there an age restriction?
How do I check my fitness for the ride? What about insurance?
How much does each company or team need to raise? What about medical support?
Help & support with raising the sponsorship? How do I book my company or team place?
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Is the Cycle a Difference Asian Business Ride the challenge for my company?

You won’t ever regret choosing to go on this Asian Business sponsored challenge ride – you will have an opportunity to experience the beauty of Vietnam make new friends, enjoy the comradeship of a great group of fellow cycling enthusiasts and to make a real difference to the life chances of the thousands of newborns.

When will the ride take place?

The ride is planned for 20th to 22nd March 2014.

How many companies/teams can take part?

The maximum number of riders is 30, each company or team may enter 2/3 riders.

What bicycle do I need?

You will need a Carbon, steel or aluminum road bike, with 700 x 25 tyres. Recommended Continental 4 Seasons tyres. Recommended wheel regular hubs, on regular rims. If you wish to discuss any technical equipment queries please email the ride captain luke@cycle-a-difference.com

What do I need to pack?

The trick is to travel light and appropriately for the Vietnamese climate, a full inventory will be provided with your registration information pack.

What will happen to my luggage?

Your luggage will be transported for you by one of our support vehicles.

How fit do I need to be?

You don’t need to be a fitness fanatic to do this cycle ride but we suggest that as a minimum you need to have completed at least one century ride in 7 hours or less and preferably be taking regular rides of 60- 90 kilometers or more.
We can provide a full training plan if you need help and support to prepare for the ride. Please do not be put off by these suggestions if you want to have a go and have not done either of the above then we have enough time to help you train you. We recommend that you make time to train a minimum of two to three times per week from September to March to build up your distances and speed. Nutrition is an important element of your fitness is nutrition both before and during the ride.
The Cycle a Difference ride captain will support and advice you and if you do have a tough day there is no shame in taking a ride in the support van.
This is ride is a challenge but it is balanced mix of climbing, followed by an easier day with a glorious descent, central to the experience is team spirit, and we are all out there taking part in a sport we love to Make a Difference.

How do I check my fitness for this ride?

You should go for a health check up and consult your doctor and discuss the ride, the distances and elevations.

How much does each company or team need to raise?

The minimum total amount of sponsorship we would like each company to raise is $6,000 of which $800 is payable on registration.
We are seeking corporate sponsorship for the support team costs, accommodation and meals during the ride and our aim is that 100% of each company or team’s sponsorship goes to provide neonatal nurse training and lifesaving equipment. We will post on this website news of the corporate sponsors as they come on board.

Help & Support with raising the sponsorship?

We can help you make a company and personal Just Giving web page and give you pictures to help you inspire support. Just Giving is a great way to spread your message. Email us at info@newbornsvietnam.org for details of how to make a page or simply ask us to do it for you.

Will our company or team be able to raise the Sponsorship?

YES! Once you have started you will find that raising the minimum sponsorship is easy and most importantly fun! We will provide you with a sponsorship pack with examples of how to raise the sponsorship money in an enjoyable way and we will of course be available every day to help you with more ideas! 
 Check out Raise your Ride Sponsorshipfor ides, for example No Lunch On Wednesday is a really simple way to involve colleagues in your fundraising. Or why not try a static bike ride in your office. You are doing something simply amazing so make sure you tell everyone you know, and before you know it you will be racing towards your fundraising target!

What’s included in the sponsorship cost?>

2 nights accommodation, meals during the ride, water, snacks, ride support vehicles and staff, mechanics, and medical support. Optional accommodation of the pre and post ride nights.

Can I extend my trip or bring my family??

Yes! More details can be provided of local accommodation and our special’ family accommodation weekend package’ email info@newbornsvietnam.org

What is the food like?

The ride is fully catered for the riding days the majority of the meals are Vietnamese cuisine.

Energy Products

We recommend you bring a supply your favourite energy drinks/cereal bars and gels.

What type of accommodation will I be staying in?

We stay in 2 star hotels throughout the ride – you may be required to share a room with up to 3/4 people, the accommodation may be basic but will be clean and have hot water and air conditioning.

Is there an age restriction?

You will need to be over 18 but there is no upper age limit, however fitness to ride must be considered.

What about insurance?

You must have either personal or company insurance cover in order to participate in this challenge. You should make your insurance company aware of the nature of what you are doing and that it is a charity event. A copy of your insurance cover is required with details of the emergency accident contact.

What about medical support?

The ride captain and the ride manager are qualified First Aiders, the support vehicles will carry comprehensive First Aid kits and a full accident trauma kit. Family Medical will provide 24 hour support and will track the ride.

How do I book my company’s place?

As soon as possible! Simply click here to book online today. The registration donation is part of the overall sponsorship donation and should be shown on your company Just Giving page as an offline donation.

More information

Following receipt of your company or team’s registration you will receive a Ride Information pack with details of the bicycle and the kit you will need, what to bring, general information and details of the information we need from you.

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