Asian Business Ride 2016 Rider Comments

I can say that the event was a massive success for Hogan Lovells. Both the Hogan Lovells lawyers and clients enjoyed the challenge and the camaraderie immensely. It totally surpassed my expectations. Very well done to the Newborns Vietnam team for making the event such a roaring success.

We all very much enjoyed it and it was a great experience in so many ways – speaking for myself, I very much hope to be involved in future editions!


I would just like to echo the comments and sentiments of my fellow team members and thank you for putting on a professionally organised 3 day event including an auspicious closing ceremony and insightful tour of the facilities – the memories will stay with me for a long time and look forward to participating again.


Thanks, big efforts by everyone all round not just us cyclists. When can I sign up for next year, Huffers & Puffers 2.0? Once again big thanks to you and your team.


Well done for organising another fantastic event and the fundraising figures are a testament to this success – congratulations!

We all thoroughly enjoyed the ride, despite the inevitable moments of pain and anguish…

I did want to say how impressed I was with the progress at the hospital. The nurse that showed us around was oozing confidence and enthusiasm, which was wonderful to see. The well equipped rooms speak for themselves.


I’d like to say thank you again to be part of the 3-day CAD ABR ride. I learned so many new things and made new friends including the lovely and strong rider Marie.


Thank you very much for those 3 days of riding and spending time with incredible people. Everything was so well organised that all we had to do was pedal. A big challenge to get 46 people riding together in good conditions.

Great thanks to the staff and to the captains as well, they made it so comfortable for us.

Long life to Newborns Vietnam and to the Cycle a Difference!


Thanks Suzanna – I know I can speak on behalf of the team and say we all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the opportunity to raise some money for a good cause. Just over USD 7,500 so far but probably more still to come.

Great part of the country and thanks to all that gave us such fantastic support.


Thanks for the great tour, I really enjoyed these 3 days. My best regards to all the staff who helped the riders, without them I would not have finished this long ride.

Shane, thank you very much for inviting me for this trip. Guy, Dale, Shane: Thank you for always encouraging me during the ride. Looking forward to riding with you again.


It was a great event for a great cause, thank you for all your amazing work.

Shane: Thanks again for inviting me into the team and for organising things.

Guy, Andrew & Mizuyo: Pleasure riding with you both.

See you all soon,


It was all great fun and seeing the hospital made the fund raising all very real!

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